09 June 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam


During one of my surfing sessions, online that is, I discovered a new design that I became very excited about. It is called Snap and it allows you to create your own furniture. This probably sounds way more difficult than it is. What it requires you to do is attach at least two Snaps to a flat surfaced object (this can be an old door, a wooden box or even a dart board) through which a table or a cabinet comes into existence. The system is designed by Erika and Maria who graduated in Architecture from ESARQ in Barcelona and together founded the company be-elastic. They started developing the Snap after they experienced how it is like to move a lot and not being able to have furniture that adapts to every interior. I'm a fan of how they provide the possibility of combining different materials (wood and bright coloured metals for example) by suggesting to use old materials or existing objects and transform them into practical pieces. This makes it possible to recycle old objects and personalize your interior at the same time. ‚ÄčThe Snap is not yet for sale, however it's success has already been proven by the fundraising onwww.kickstarter.com where almost $50,000 has been donated, while an amount of only $15,000 was required to start the production.   

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