22 March 2018 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Who sais you can't reach fame at 87? Choncha Gzaera shows us how to be an inspiration at the age of 87, making true artworks with the computer program Paint. 

I guess most of us know Paint as a tool we used when we were in elementary school to make our papers look awesome. In high school, we kept using it, mostly to draw fun stuff and add things to pictures. I personally think, that Memes are the new Paint - but Paint is where it all started. 

Choncha is the person making Paint cool again in a time where we all use photoshop and filters on our telephones. A time where we actually do not take any time to make beautiful things that need patience and determination. She switched from making oil paitings to drawing in Paint, because she needed to take constant care of her sick husband. As a form of true nostalgia, Choncha uses the postcards she received in the past as an inspiration for her artworks. 


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