20 July 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



It's never too late to start a series like Breaking Bad. For some reason I never really felt like watching, probably because everything that came up on Netflix was all about drugs, violence and murder - an easy plot. Breaking Bad seems to be different, even though it contains the same ingredients as mentioned before. 


The difference and the thing that makes Breaking Bad a great show to watch (at least one of the things that is): The scenery. The directors really get the viewer mixed up between a wanderlust kind of feeling of really wanting to be in that desert of New Mexico and living in these abandoned-feel houses with pools-out-of-must-because-of-the-heat, and the sad feel of faded glory, emptyness and lonelyness. Such as the happy places like Twisters and the Dog House that befall gloomy, and off course the RV that makes you think of a family holliday but get's totally twisted in this plot. 


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