13 January 2016 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


Fashion is extravagant, grotesque, loud and striking. But it's also minimalistic, clean and basic. I appreciate both and like a strong mix in my personal style. A basic navy cotton or wool sweater with a fake pink leather skirt. 

In the nineties the basic clean look was big! Turtle neck sweaters, clean-cut coats in ton sur ton colors. Basic colors like, beige, black, white, navy in simple but smart silhouettes. Amazingly smart and chic, and of course timeless. I selected some of my favorite late nineties looks, so you can judge for yourself and see if you agree.


Hermes 1999


Helmut Lang 1997


Jill Sander 1997


Jill Sander 1997


Hermes 1998



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