12 July 2017 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



" A flower is destined to fall" 


I started my day off this morning by watching "Ascent" in the local movie theater. I could not have imagined a better way to relax and get inspired all in one. 

The holy vulcano Mount Fuji is leading figure in this film, showed by a caleidiscopical picture compilation. It is telling a story and showing non-fictional pictures taken by people with a differend point of view on the mountain. There are memories of an English wife being told by Fiona Tan, talking about her deceased Japanese lover who once climbed the vulcano Fuji. The movie is full of symbolism and filosophy behind the holy mountain and takes you with him on the dark self-made roads up towards the top, where the sun is coming up and a magical experience is being shared with the viewer. 

The spoken words were just beautifull to listen to, together with looking to different types of pictures that all show the mount Fuji. The music chosen as an addition to this made the movie a perfect total-experience. 

Ascent - trailer

"Photography freezes time, just like memories and grief"


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