07 December 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Alice Tye is the type of illustrator who uses traditional techniques to portrait a different kind of image, and is therefore refreshing in the world of image making. 

The artist gives us paintings of images that we mostly know from pictures, probably because most of them are somehow "taken" from a moving car - a position that only gives you the option to take a picture if you actually want to capture the heat of the moment. Then there is the postcard effect, whic Tye understand perfectly and translates in her own language of image. And let's be honest; don't we all want to walk underneath these beautiful and exoticly painted palmtrees?

With WW magazine, Vitra, Airbnb and Matches fashion as some of her clients, we are definitely sure that this girl is going to make a mark in the world of illustration and images. 


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