24 March 2017 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Agnes Lloyd-Platt spent the first 18 years of her life wanting to be an astronaut. Eventually, she reconsidered her thoughts when she turned 26-year-old. And it's a good thing she did; she became a photographer.

Lloyd-Platt might have been a bit late to the game, but she is now firm as ever in her message: “The whole reason that I’m a photographer, really, is to push optimism on people,” she says – and she has the imaginative, boldly hued portfolio to prove it.

I still like the lookbook for Ally Capellino’s SS15 campaign, which Agnes photographed. It is an ode to bathroom dye jobs and co-ordinating your hair with your outfit colour at all times. She paired models with candy-coloured hair in all the best shades – peach, silver grey, cobalt blue, and mint green – with accessories in corresponding colours. It’s a pretty simple idea, but when you see it brought to life by Agnes’ photography it suddenly feels very complete. Nothing misses her lens – a stray hair which has landed on the texture of a woolen sweater, the veins in the nook of an elbow or a shade of blusher which perfectly matches the wearer’s hair – which lends her portraiture an air of honesty and fullness, bringing the whole campaign to life. You can check her Instagram as well, you can see strangely beautiful compositions and captivating minute details which is crying out to be printed huge in the pages of a glossy mag.


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