14 October 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


Last week I visited the MAGNUM CONTACT SHEETS exhibition in FOAM, my favourite photography exhibition space in the Netherlands.

I must say that this subject could not have been exposed better than the way it is done at FOAM at the moment. Different photographers that represent the Magnum platform of journalistic photographers  were high-lighted, by showing the way an iconic picture is build. The vulnurability that was shown by opening up about the process and the story behind de famous CLICK was impressive and really made you feel like you were part of it. 

Different styles, different types of photographers, and all seperated in different rooms of time. A red room with a lot of black and white, that made it feel really warm and at home, was put next to a white one with quite some colourful photographs, printed big size. 

With a special kind of framing, you could see the back of the picture and the contact sheets; mostly covered with notes about that particular picture. 

Magnum contact sheets is a real recommendation, please visit when the opportunity is there.

You can visit the exhibition at FOAM until the 9th of December.

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