06 June 2019 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Soft velvet landscapes catch sunlight in the corner of the room. Deep 
cobalt blue shapes change form as you get closer. Surprisingly soft 
glowing shapes turn out to be random piles of tools wrapped and sewn 
tightly with soft, elegant velvet. The hard, heavy, and traditionally 
masculine objects have lost their function – their history erased. The 
tools have been transformed into pointless and vulnerable objects of 
beauty. Objects, once purely utilitarian and rough now lie around in 
small piles, asking to be caressed.

In a world that can so often feel overly complicated and stressful, it 
is important to escape reality every now and then. And where some people 
find comfort in idyllic holiday resorts or meditation, Jeroen Dijkstra 
finds it through meticulously sewing tools in soft and lush velvet – 
transforming the old rusty tools into plush, desirable objects. Hours 
are spent on each tool, carefully wrapping them until no sign of the old 
material can be seen.

Interested in buying a little pile? Tools start from € 60 - € 200 per 
piece. Order them via info@jeroendijkstra.com













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