08 December 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



We kept you waiting for quite some time, to show you the amazing living situation of Slash’s co-owner Serena Zom-Asselman. This wasn’t for no reason, she and her husband bought a house and have been constructing, (re)decorating and a lot of switching furniture for the last 2 years. With Serena’s exquisite taste and Tim being quite the handyman in actually building furniture, you can imagine the house to be a real treat to be in. Together with their dog Boefje, they make a lovely household in Rotterdam.

Next to Slash-zine, Serena is working for Garcia jeans, where she is the technical professional of several collections and packages – There is a lot of contact with China and India during her working days. Tim works as a professional skateboarder and is sponsored by Nike. It might be hard to recognize him, now his long blonde hair is all chopped off. He and his best buddy Boefje spend a lot of time together and can be considered partners in crime.

The house can be described as an eclectic world that contains a mix of fashion, skateboarding, marble, wood and plants: a lot of plants. Both Serena and Tim like to cook, that’s why the kitchen has so many different tools. Tim is the man when it comes to (a lot of) meat and Serena knows how to work them veggies and fishies. They have a beautiful view over the truly big garden, a great place to chill during summertime and for Boefje to run and play. The porch is a great place to relax, even when the weather is not that nice (I’ts roofed in – how convenient).

The diner table is a beautiful marble one that the couple found second hand online – quite a catch I must say. With the sun going down quite early this time a year, Serena made it cosy by planting a collection of candles in different colour, that go really well with the fresh flowers in the vases next to them.

The white cabinet next to the marble table is home made by Tim and designed for the objects that needed to fit in – like a really tall cactus. A nice collection of fashion and skateboard magazines and books can be seen and read, surrounded by souvenirs from travels (Like the blue Mexican style skull mask from a skateboarding trip in LA). In the corridor you can find several of Tim’s skateboards, you can see that he is quite a fan of bizarre and expressive decks.

When we go upstairs we find a lovely baby-blue staircase and a decorative vase with orange flowers that match just perfectly with the stairs. Upstairs we find the master bedroom, containing showpiece Barcelona daybed – I am in love. The bedroom is light and gives you the possibility to take a look outside, where you see the neighbourhood and trees pretty well. Even here, the plants cannot be missed, as well as some pictures and souvenirs: together with a mix of fashion and skateboarding showing in the Vogue vintage mirror and picture of Tim doing a trick on a skate ramp.

It is hard to not feel welcome at Serena, Tim and Boefje. This sure is a warm place to come home to!


























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