08 July 2015 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


My dear friend Kelly lives in Breda, we have a long distance relationship. We see each other during weekends and try to plan as many trips as possible. Tim and I met her true a mutual friend a few years back, Tim was traveling a lot and during the weekend I was by myself. A good friend that stays over for a whole weekend is priceless. All the fun we had and still have. We both like to go to skate events to support Tim, and it's so nice to not be the only girl among all that boys. We joined Tim on several skate trips to Paris, Berlin, Basel and Antwerp and always have a bless. I think all my male friends had or still have a little crush on Kelly. She's just the coolest girl, a good sense of humor with whom I can laugh until my jaws hurt. 

Breda is the city Kelly lives, born in a small village close-by. Her mother and stephdad still live there and she visits every Tuesday, I think she got the animal adoration from her mother, who has 3 dogs and 3 cats. When she got her own apartment, instead of the tiny room she used to live. She decided to have cats, Molly and Beertje are the white sisters and Mosje is her youngest pirate lover. They are happy cats that love to cuddle, so it's always nice to be around them. 


Kelly's house is mix of second hand and new interiour, a lot of her stuff she bought in local thrift stores. She found real treasures, like the beautiful old closet with mirrors in both doors and the small closet with marble top. On her wall a collection of pictures, drawings and art come together, it makes the house cosy and personal. Green plants fill up emty spaces. It took a while to find a system and good spots for the plants, where the cats couldn't destroy them. She never is really done with her home, and constantly changes things. But I love the place,I hope you do too.


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