17 March 2015 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam





Kicking of a new topic // HOUSE VIEWS, I decided to start of with a visit at  Florine ’ (co-founder of SLASH red.)  A house I find very inspiring, colorful and eclectic. It's a place that feels very welcoming to hang out and take a look around in this home filled with great stuff.

A light space that is filled with a personal collection of lots of stuff, beautiful plants, corals that are placed in glass boxes or on a corner of a table, art, books and furniture with color. The interior says so much about Florine ' personality, it is an organized mess (in a good way), a very creative and inspiring environment. Florine ’ house is in a quiet neighborhood near the busy downtown of Rotterdam, she lives there together with her boyfriend Rogier. It is a double floor apartment, Florine has the luxury of a workspace in her own house, a walk in closet that is filled with an eclectic mix of beautiful vintage garments in pattern fabrics, glitter fabrics, in all kinds of colors, she also had a large amount of accessories that she can use to give herself a total different look every day, from blonde Indiana to chique business woman. 



At the dining table, that is placed next to the window lay books and other things like a yellyfish in a glass mold, all these things are collected and showcased, you can feel the creative energy that went into the interior design of this house. This collection of things is growing over the years and exists of stuff that is found on the beach of Brasil to things that they bought at the flea market nearby. As you can see Florine and Rogier love to have green in their house, a big dream of theirs is having a garden to grow their own veggies in. For now they just fill the space with plants and fresh flowers from the market.


Florines'  workspace is bright white room, with a big table in the center to work on. This room also showcases lot of found treasures from Florines'  journeys, she collects scallops from places she visits. But also lot of books and magazines for inspiration , as Florine is freelance photographer , but also creates concepts and of course is very busy with // SLASH.


 Upstairs is the more private part of the house, the bedroom and the walk in closet. A candy store for vintage lovers. Florine ' eclectic taste is visible in the cloths she has. In the bedroom we find Florine ' boyfriend still sleeping, he works in bar till the early morning . Florine opens the curtains for the light that is also in this room very bright and feels like warm blanket.


What a beautiful house full of personality, thanks Florine and Rogier  for the tour and the warm welcome as always.


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