18 November 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam




It’s a sunny afternoon when my boyfriend Rogier and I decide to enjoy the beautiful autumn day by having French toast on a terras at the waterside. Being a bartender, he told me that together with his team, they visited a brewery and got a workshop from the owners in how to make their specialized beer; A beer that became the beer of the month at the bar Rogier is working, namely Melief Bender.

The brewery called Brouwerij Noordt was located in the same street we were having lunch, so a spontaneous visit afterwards was worth the try. Hospitable as they are, we could have a look and a tour by both brewer and founder of the brand; Peter Rouwen.

The brewery is just beautiful without even tasting the beer. The building is an old fire station and feels very spacious and light. The machinery is impressing, together with knowing that all those big machines are stimulated by hand. Peter is proud of his beer and the achievements he has made with his team in the short time Brouwerij Noordt is excisting. “On September 3rd we made our very first bottled beer. It was called “Mariniersbier” and already a big hit. My all time favorite is the IPA beer that we are making.”

Peter got the idea of starting a brewery when he was in New York for the company he was working for at that time, namely cafe "De Ballentent". He found a companion whose daughter is working for the company now as well.

Brouwerij Noordt is located at the Zaagmolenkade 46 in Rotterdam an can be tasted in several typical Dutch hangouts, such as Melief Bender, De Witte Aap, Las Palmas and Café Pol.

For more information about Brouwerij Noordt, you can visit their Facebook, Instagram and website www.brouwerijnoordt.nl





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