22 October 2018 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



It has been a while since I won the audience award, handed out by De Kracht van Rotterdam. The Rotterdam based platform invites photographers to show the city in their unique way and invites the viewer to look at the city in a way they are not used to looking at it. 

The contest gives 12 photographers a personal district to capture at 4 different time slots a day and night, which resulted in quite the archive of analogue pictures. The summer of 2018 shows energy, colour, intimacy and character. It shows you the city you think you know, but don't know yet. It shares a vibrant and sweltering summerfeel in the ever changing city of Rotterdam. 

For all the pictures of Rotterdam for De Kracht van Rotterdam, edition of 2018, you can visit the following link: De Kracht van Rotterdam 2018











































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