11 July 2018 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


A vibrant, youthful and sunny city: That's Tel Aviv. And those elements can be seen in everyday life of everything.

The city is filled with thousands of buildings in the Bauhaus architecture, the elegant 1930s German building style. Tightly white stucco walls and rounded balconies stand out against the clear blue skies. Some have already been restored to their full glory, while others are decaying and aging away from the ever-changing city. Other modern and daring buildings are fighting for attention with their playful grid and structures - just like her residents who continue to move. Running on the boulevard along the beach. Or doing fitness on one of the gymareas along the beach as on Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Push ups on the ground and pull ups to the racks. Or stepping on the electric scooter that everyone seems to have, crossing through the city along the many eateries that Tel Aviv can be proud of. Street food in all shapes and sizes. Pita's filled with humus, falafel, fried eggplant. To finally land on one of the many beaches of Tel Aviv where everything and everyone comes together. Large groups of American exchange students, the muscled beach boys, the rich Russian tourists, the tech-savvy business owners and the gay sunlovers.

The only thing that reminds you regularly that you are in Tel Aviv are the Israeli lifeguards who loudly scream through the loudspeakers that you can not go too far into the sea. Tel Aviv keeps you moving, even if you don't want to.


text and photographys by Wei Yeh



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