29 April 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


 Working for Jupe by Jackie, meant visiting the Paris Fashion week on my forth week of work.  Since we are having our fourth collaboration with Comme des Garcons, there was a showroom voor Jupe at CDG on Place Vendome; the most luxurious fashion spot in Paris.  We went visiting the shows an it's outdoor madness of photographers/ cab's/ police/ bloggers/ VIP's/ voyeurs and both beautiful and bizarre outfits, a true treat for the eye I must say. 

The fashion days were beautiful, containing inspiring collections and runway shows as well as having beautiful sunny days to escort us for place to place in our autumn/winter 2015 outfits.  By scrolling down you can have a brief look at all of the fashion moments this week, and let yourself have the feeling waiting in front of the Grand Palais to have a look at the Chanel show.


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