24 March 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


It's not a regular thing, getting to go to a tropical island as a business trip. Last week Kate and I were caught in this insane reality; learning everything about the top notch wedding planners from all over the world while sitting in our sweatpants to survive the 20 hours of travelling to Mauritius.  Welcomed with a self made flower necklace, we knew this trip was going to be one to never forget. We switched from sweatpants to bikini as soon as the sun showed it's first rays and fell in love with the beautiful island. Before the wedding congress we were about to attend began, we had 2 days to enjoy the sweetness of Mauritius. I would like to share a little piece with you by showing the following pictures. Dream away on the waves and white-sand beaches underneath the palmtrees.

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