22 April 2014 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


As a 17 year old Dutch girl who always had a dream to travel i got the chance to travel down to South Africa to do voluntary work in the townships of jeffreys bay. I absolutely loved it, the different people, cultures and the way I was challenged in my own life stirred something deep down inside of me. I prayed if God had a better plan and purpose for my life than I actually had in mind myself and finially decided to go back to South Africa in 2009. I felt like I was coming home and never stop going back. I live here now, I’m married to a South African and I travel through Africa. I volunteer fulltime with my husband for The Leadership Experience, which is a program that trains young Africans to be an example, to lead and to serve like Christ. We have a cute little house in Jeffreys Bay, the second famous surf town in the world. I love the vibe and relaxed environment. But there is nothing like traveling, getting to know new people and try out new things. Once a year I strongly feel I have to go to Holland to see my family, I love going back there and enjoy the typical dutch things that I miss when im not there. But I wouldn’t trade a thing for living my life to the fullest like im doing now.​


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