11 March 2014 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


As previously mentioned, I spent 5 years in the Netherlands. This country and I had a quite tumultuous relationship. Recently I had to travel a lot back and forth between Spain and the Netherlands and it's funny of how our relationship has changed, and I really do enjoy going back. Some of those little things that used to drive me mad back then (like the rain for instance or the sight of Saté sauce) suddenly feel reassuring, it's like going back home, being in a safe spot. Sometimes you get so used to some things and you become so stubborn and obsessed that your mind get stuck on the little details. You're not able to see the bigger picture anymore and appreciate all those qualities or attributes that someone, something may have. I love to order a coffee/croissant combo in the morning at Hema before jumping on one of these yellow and blue trains, grab a kipcorn from the wall (yes they have warm junk food dispensers on the walls in train stations or in the streets) or a mozzarella sandwich from the Broodjeszaak and eat it on the train. I know...not the most refine food but it just feels good! Ahhhh comfort!I wouldn't move back (or at least not anytime soon) because there are still other places in the world where I would like to live but this country and its people definitely have something special and are beautiful and amazing in their own way. 

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