27 January 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



For a photography job, I went flying from the cold in Holland towards the sun-nojacket-tapasoutside-21degrees in Spain! It was just for one and a half day, but enough to refuel the battery and make some beautiful pictures at the beach, while standing with bare feet in the sand. In-between the pictures I took for Little Indians - a baby and kids label for the coolest ones - I took pictures with my analog pocket camera to capture the summery vibe and take some rays of sun home. Because I have lived in Malaga for 4 months, I knew the best places to go for the photoshoot, like the white village Nerja, a very populair place to get wed. We found a tiny beach with beautiful rocks in the sea as well as in the sand, together with some old fisherman boats and the tinest most pittorest house to be found. ps: A sincere tapas tip: El gato con botas in MalagaPlease enjoy the orange trees of great colour, a seriously blue sky without any photoshop and some perfect colours in nature!


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