30 December 2015 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam




My love for Christmas is huge. Mostly because of the warm feelings I, and the rest of the world get. Peace on earth, is the best thought. But I also adore Christmas because of all of it's lights and beautiful decorations inside and outside. 

This year my friend Rosanne and I decided to visit a Christmas market. The internet told us, if Germany was too far away Brussels was a good recommendation. The Brussels Christmas Market boasts over 200 stalls, an ice skating rink, a towering wheel and many other fairground attractions. And for added festive cheer, a huge Christmas tree adorns the Grand Place overlooking the Christmas Market. Well, what more could we ask for? 

Arriving on the Christmas market, we only found a few stalls and the ice skating rink. This couldn't be it? We decided to enjoy some pumpkin soup and proceed our search for more stalls and Christmas spirit. Luckily we also adore shopping, and Brussels turned out to be great for some pre-Christmas shopping. We found several beautiful stores filled with antiques, beautiful book stores and even made a quick stop at Tiffany's to select some Christmas gifts we would like to receive. The city is well decorated, all of the lights draped around the old buildings were shining bright, as the weather was raining and the sky was gray and gloomy. We found out that it's best to visit the Christmas market at night, when we were about to leave Brussels the Christmas market was open, people were outside and Christmas carols were playing. We could leave beautiful Brussels with our hearts filled with Christmas. 


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