18 August 2015 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam



My friend Louisa has lived in Berlin for over a year now, she asked me to visit her several times . But as I'm working most of the time it just didn't happen. Louisa told me she was moving to Barcelona, in other words I just had to visit now! So I did, got myself a train ticket to Berlin, thinking a train ride would be relaxing, and went to Germany. Arriving in Berlin the heat was overwhelming, who knew 40 degrees in a city not close to an ocean would feel like that. Louisa suggested swimming immediately. We went to a pool, so nice and refreshing, just what we needed. After that we went for dinner at an all you can eat Ethiopian restaurant and went to her place located in Neukolln.  The couple of days I spent in Berlin where super, going for breakfast, lunch or dinner hardly costs money and almost every bar has a very fortunate happy hour, even when it's bloody hot the city is inspiring. The city has a lot of places to cool down and relax. The swimming pool in a river, a late night roof top hang out, meeting // SLASH blogger Stefanie. I enjoyed it all so much! See you in Barcelona Louisa!! 

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