25 February 2014 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam





This one day I ended up in Florida, my boyfriend (husband) who is a skaterboy, had to compete in this competition held in the skatepark of Tampa

As it was my first time in America I expected something out of a movie. As soon as the plane landed at the airport, my expectations came true. The airport alone was a bizarre world full of Christmassy-palmtrees and everything was twice as big as in Holland. Cheerleaders, really fat people, Santa Claus, 'I saw it all' in my first 30 minutes in the U.S.A. My first impression was GREAT!

As our journey continued it only got better! The first days in America I spent at the skatepark where the comp was being held, sweaty boys from around the world came there to show their skills, I only had to watch, cheer and enjoy. 

Highlights where the party’s and dinners after a day in the sunny skatepark, on the strip of Tampa. Everywhere I looked I saw people dressed-up in their weekend-Christmas-party-outfits having fun and being drunk. It all blew my mind, mega Christmas-trees, our room at the Hilton hotel, colored houses with big porches, funny looking churches with big signs screaming at you about Jesus, candy bars that don´t exists in Europe, it all was ‘AMAZING’ as the American people would describe it.

As the skate comp was a great success, we still had a few days left in America, we had to pay a visit to Walmart, the shooting-range and a great white sand beach with palmtrees. It felt so good being in this tropical American city knowing that it was snowing in Rotterdam.

There’s no better way to describe this trip then looking at the pictures, they take me back to a sunny American happy memory. 



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