07 December 2022 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Realising that the last leaves are actually falling off the trees, darkness kicking in way before dinner time, and rain that feels cold on your face without being charming, makes me wander off to warm and light summer days.

Last summer I was on a roadtrip with my boyfriend, having 2 weeks of holiday and 2 places to go - everything in between to be open for spontanious ideas and encounters. 

The first place that was set was my family reunion in Bretagne, in the new house of one of my brothers. The other was a big flea market in Wallonie, the French part of Belgium. Depending on the weather, we were either driving or staying at a place that we usually found the moment we decided to stop driving for that day. We've seen beautiful and interesting places, met inspiring people and made a ton of wonderful new memories.

Scroll down if you feel like riding the roads back to summer too. 























































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