12 March 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



City hopping is always a good idea, especially when the sun is accompanying you on your way to quite some cold Danish days.

Copenhagen breathes allure and easy at the same time and has something to exploire for all kinds of persons. The beautiful stately architecture bonds with cute houses in colourful pallets that we all would want to own ourselves. Having a well-filled wallet is a serious advice for the ones planning a trip to the Scandinavian city - and more than just your hand luggage. Beautiful boutiques with all kinds of Danish brands show their exquisite taste in fashion and design and make you want to change your wardrobe and interior immediately when you arrive home again.

Some shopping hotspots to write down:


STILLEBEN // Niels Hemmingsens Gade 3

ACNE ARCHIVE // Elmegade 21

HAY HOUSE  // Ostergade 61

INGLERSLEV ANTIK  // Ravensborggade 22

MANT  // Laederstraede 30 MORE 64  // Laederstraede 13






Copenhagen is beautifully situated in-between rivers that come from the ocean nearby. The train station in the middle "island" is practically next to fun-park Tivoli, which results in a daily view over closed rollercosters while walking from one destination to another. Every district has its own specialty and the hip ones keep on moving. From the vintage and antique area towards the up and running Meatpacking district that is covered with cool bars and restaurants. 

One of the highlights of our trips was the botanical garden visit. The beauty of the main glasshouse itself was already worth coming, but the interior with the beautiful steps was quite something extra. Extraordinairy plant-types that grow as high as the immense ceiling and more cacti than you have ever seen together. 

Quite near to the botanical gardens are the Kings gardens together with his castle - which really give you a going back in time Versailles feeling, a must see as well! 

During our days in Copenhagen, we moved from one place to another by foot - which was perfectly doable. When summer is arriving and the cold is leaving the country, renting bikes to exploire Copenhagen would be just perfect! 
















 Pictures by Lisanne Vakkers, Serena Asselman and Florine van Rees

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