12 March 2017 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Zohra Opoku is a German/Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist living and working in Accra. 

I have been caught by her work during the Armory Show in New York, showing one of her self portraits in the african bushes. The beauty of the sensitivity was obvious en giving the viewer the feeling to keep on looking at the picture. Zohra Opoku uses photography to express herself. In the series of selfportraits you can see her keen and disciplined eye for textile and design, making it easy to believe that the talentfull Opoku makes art installations and sculptures as well. 

She conceptualizes West African traditions, spirituality, the thread of family lineage as they relate to self authorship and the politics of her hybrid identity. A globalized social consumption and the commodification of all things African are a driving force in what she sees as the nemesis of her thesis, and the relevance of cultural credentials within this state of being.

I would like to show you her selfportrait series, a true inspiration in beauty. 



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