14 December 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



"Elizabeth Wood's fire-breathing debut is an adrenalized shot of extasy and entitlement" - Indiewire

" White girl is the most explosive portrait of NYC youth since Kids"  - I-D Vice


With the above amazing reviews, I had to make the time to watch this portrait of a girl in New York City.

White Girl starts with a scene of two girls moving in in their new appartment in kind of a dodgy neigbourhood in New York, a setting that looks recognizable, together with the non-paying summer internship at an art magazine in New York Leah is doing. She and her friend Katie love to party and do drugs, but when she meets lover and dealer Blue on the streets, things start to change and get out of hand. Sudden power changes into despair and everything that seemed to be easy is from one moment to the other a total non-solvable mess .

I love the akwardness of Leah, it is the same kind of akwardness that you find in the movie 500 days of Summer, which makes it more real and comparable to how you would react in reality (meaning: not the perfect answer rightaway and every time). You can compare yourself to the girl that is trying out new things in order to get a hold on her prospects in life, but also wants to enjoy the moment and not think about difficould topics too much. Leah is beautiful but common and is not flattering at all and has a filthy vibe over her after all of the drugs usage and partying - The way it goes in real life as well. 

Let's not spoil too much of the plot yet, White Girl is a defenitely must see and availible on Netflix! 

white girl // trailer


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