19 November 2015 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


The Japanese word for fireworks is hanabi; hana meaning “flower” and bi meaning “fire”. It’s fitting Sarah Illenberger by coincidence because she made a series about “exploded” flowers. With a little lightning and resourcefulness, her vibrant photo’s take floral arrangement to a new level.

The idea for “Flowerwork” came to Illenberger while walking through a flower shop in Berlin, her home town. The rainbow of colors and various blooming shapes reminded her of exploding fireworks in the sky. Colorful botanical life, blow-up leaves of vibrant blossoms and strands of green stems seemingly floating above what is imagined as a dark night sky, popping and bursting in the air. The result is suitable for an imagination of the annual, dramatic light show with a playful, peaceful quality; the flowers are arranged and look like fireworks.


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