26 March 2015 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Sharon Etgar is an artist from Israel. She makes beautiful collages and drawings. But I like her “thread drawings” the most. It looks like very spontaneous drawings with thread on ledger pages. The drawings are stitched by hand with multi-colored threads. Each work shows front and back of the drawings. They look like landscapes to me. Her use of color blocking, the subtle textures and layering, it’s translated really well in her thread drawings.  

As she explains: “For me they are like a diary of feelings and moods translated to colors. Like dancing with my hands. I know that these threads in their colors and drawings are for me exactly like words, my thoughts and secrets will stay there. The backsides of many of them are very important to me. Sometimes more than the front, more than the conscious side. The conversation between the two sides is how I feel inside.” The thread drawings were done during several years as private works; they were not originally intended for exhibition. But the drawings made it for exhibition and shown in New York at the Davis & Langdale Gallery in 2013.

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