12 March 2015 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


“Some windy trees” by Vincent Delbrouck (aka V.D.) is a very thoughtfulness book sharing the strange beauty of trees. This book is the second part of V.D.’s “The Himalaya Project” which embraces the nature of the Himalayas.  

These series simply reflects the merge of life and a strong empathy for the magical poetry of nature.

The images are a pure improvisation of the moment and a windy study in the Himalayas. With hope in the wilderness V.D. found peace and a place where he feels at home.  It is the nature of flow blowing with form, emptiness and the energy of time. V.D. has the photographic know-how; the right point of view and a good sense of the extraordinary to make broken trees in lonely mountains become great work of art.

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