05 March 2015 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Polaroid cameras are magical. One push on the button and you get your picture.

Grant Hamilton uses an SX-70 to create beautiful, abstract photographs from found objects and colors. Hamilton carries a medium-format Polaroid in his pocket. He has a sharp eye for detail, form, and color, and his work shows the brilliance that exists in the everyday, hidden in plain sight. Hamilton’s close-up compositions are well chosen and beautiful series of photographs arise. It’s like playing memories with the Polaroid’s, but with small deviations. Unlike a painter, Grant does not fabricate these abstractions, but rather finds these colors and lines that exist in our surroundings and re-contextualizes them for us all to enjoy. The graphic shapes and bright colors are characteristic for Hamilton’s style; his abstract and minimalist images are amazingly well executed. He creates such powerful pictures with little information.

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