19 February 2015 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Travis Rathbone is an American still-life photographer and just 28 years old. He established a signature style by redefining the limits of objects. His visual experiments push mundane items into new views: frozen in motion, exploded into larger-than-life compositions, sealed for life. Rathbone has an affinity for the color grey, Eggs Benedict, a good typeface and live comedy.

He assisted established names including David LaChapelle and Craig Cutler. Rathbone’s work is an extension of their work. You can see clear comparison between the work of Rathbone and his mentors, but Rathbone managed to develop his own style with precise lighting. He has a steady eye on the latest in art and fashion, filling his curious mind with inspiration for his work.

I like his series of food photography, particularly the sealed-series. Rathbone made images of food sealed in a transparent plastic bag; ice-cream, spaghetti bolognaise with fork, crispy baked bacon and eggs, close-up greasy noodles and red cabbage, all photographed against a black background. The images look artificial, fascinating, very detailed and he’s a master in light. Your appetite decreases immediately. Bon appétit.

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