21 October 2015 // Michèle van Vliet //Rotterdam



(This post is especially for those of you out there using Google Chrome — and the ones willing to switch browsers after reading this). 

Ok, let me set the scene here: it's a regular day, you're lost on the internet and looking for anything that might fulfill you in your online wanderlust. Do you ever really notice how many times you open a new tab? It's a thing you do mindlessly, like an action that is programmed inside your system, and a thing most of us do multiple times a day.

But what if such a normal and thoughtless thing like this became a moment to slow down and, for instance, took you on a virtual flight onto the satellites of Google? Try installing the Earth View from Google Earth-extension. It's the best discovery I've done in weeks. When you open a new tab to head someplace else on your internet explorations, Chrome loads an otherworldly closeup of a landscape somewhere on this earth. It's beautiful to see how some of the landscapes are altered by men and some others are still so pure and deserted. 

If you want instant satisfaction or prefer to use a functional homepage, you can take a look at the gallery here: http://earthview.withgoogle.com/ 


Link to the Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/earth-view-from-google-ea/bhloflhklmhfpedakmangadcdofhnnoh?hl=nl

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