25 September 2014 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Last weekend I was in London and visited one of my favorite museum’s in Europe, Tate Modern.

On level 2 you can see the exhibition “Poetry and Dream”. The displays in “Poetry and Dream” show how contemporary art grows from, reconnects with, and can provide fresh insights into the art of the past. Wandering through the halls of level 2, I ended in room 11 to see Henry Wessel’s “Incidents”.

Described by Wessel (born 1942 in Teaneck, New Jersey)  as a ‘work without words’, Incidents is a series of 27 black and white photographs without dates, titles or specific place information. The images depicting ordinary moments in the everyday lives of strangers. Captured from his car, on the street, or other public places in a timeless Californian moment. The Californian light is the crisp white that blanches everything. All the scenes are registered in outdoor spaces, framed by concrete, traffic signs and chain fences. Take a look at that.

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