30 October 2014 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Alberto Moreu (born 1981) is an Italian graphic designer and photographer. 

His photographs are characterized by a rough and aggressive style, using the flash in an unequivocally way. I always admire photographers who uses the flash in the right way. It’s definitely not easy to create the perfect flash, without an overload of information in one picture. I believe Moreu is one of these photographers who can flash, has a feeling for composition and omit the unnecessary.

His images have a certain clumsiness that create charm and aim to reduce to the core, to minimalism. They equate what is good with what is simple. Moreu’s images highlights its subject and places it in an environment that emphasizes its individuality and boldness. He gives the photographs a life that it would probably not have otherwise. Although you can compare his work with more fashion photographer, you would no doubt still be able to recognize Moreu’s work.

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