03 July 2015 // Simcha van Helden //Rotterdam


This week we’d like to introduce you to Matthew Hassell. This American artist strives for abstraction in his work. His art, or as he self calls it; ‘slow art’ gradually seeks a relation with the viewer. In the field of art making everything is so heavily relying on looking, that Hassell wants to break the cycle. His work unfolds over time, and herewith creates a relation with the viewer. Hassell sees the paintings as imagination screens, abstract accretions of information able to be pieced together by the mind’s eye. Hassell strives to present you non-places, imaginal fields of infinite variation. We love to travel and engage in Hassell’s work.

‘In my work I am invested in creating abstractions where material and form somehow amount to a visual poetry of nuance. The making begins with the clean slate of a prepared structure. With each decision, the work takes a step away from the infinite and toward the inevitable. I follow the process until it reveals something unexpected to me. I then sit with it for a time until my way forward with the painting becomes clear. Once I walk away, the painting once again encroaches upon the infinite in its ability to become whatever the viewer sees fit. Here, black snap-line has been amassed on cut white panel one string-width at a time.’ - Hassell


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