27 February 2015 // Simcha van Helden //Rotterdam


Heavily reminded by the work of Anthony McCall we’d like to introduce to you the work of Carlo Bernardini. It’s amazing to see how light can fill up a room, change and adjust it. As Bernardini states himself: “Paper is simply paper as long as it is white, but once you draw on it, it becomes ‘a drawing.’ A design in light is a mental drawing that uses dark space. Fibre optic drawings are in harmony with the place itself, the light creating an interrelation by overcoming the physical walls and transforming the environment in a deceptive way, pushing it to the limits of an illusionary dimension. An imaginary drawing, executed with the light of optical fibre, can go beyond the walls, where the wholeness can only be reconstructed as a puzzle in the viewer’s mind. The installation takes over the space and incorporates it. Spatial forms develop a challenging relationship within the space as the optical fibre line passes from room to room piercing the walls and the floors, combining the external environment with the internal one: ‘Permeable space’, the place where light generates space.”

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