09 September 2015 // Michèle van Vliet //Rotterdam


Last week's been quite good to me when it came to thrift shopping: I've hit coat-jackpot and found a new love for old books with cool prints. My favorite so far is a book filled with images of the earth, taken by satellites. While the perspective on landscapes differs a lot from the viewpoint of a down to earth individual and the scale is way larger than the eye can ever see for itself, the world becomes a collection of beautiful graphic and marble-like patterns.

The way of looking at these images reminded me of German photographer Andreas Gursky, who is a master in finding the manmade patterns in our society and takes such distance from his subjects that all details disappear and make you form a new perspective. Gursky becomes an outsider and displays his view on society and globalization with his enormous and enormously detailled prints: they make you look at the beauty of the mass, as well as the social aspects of what's really happening in the picture. 

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