24 January 2016 // Mathieu Jonker //Rotterdam


French photographer Fanny Latour Lambert captures the beauty of France and surrounding EU countries. She favors young models and seems to befriend them to ensure a pleasant collaboration. But the relatable part for me, is the set/location. I've lived in Paris for some months and travelled around the french coast every summer. There are parts in her series that make my mind wander back to the days I was working in Paris. Neon lights above the bar "Tout va Mieux", a balanced vanity; beauty of the young and cool in a city fading to grey. 

Other series include more deserted parts of Western Europe as a sensational down-to-earth fashion background. Some coastal with a windy allure, some agricultural with growing crops, farms and ruins. Some pictures are cheeky and sleazy, others sweet and innocent. Selection of favourites below, full coverage on fannylatourlambert.com


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