15 June 2017 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort



"Perfectible Worlds” from photographer Sage Sohier is about people’s private passions and obsessions. The series begun soon after 9/11/01, and portrays people transported into worlds and activities over which they have near-total control. The photographs range from portraits of some who make extravagant miniature worlds, to others who have extraordinary collections or who immerse themselves in unusual situations. Each photograph is the discovery of a particular world an individual has found or created for himself or a private world that few are privileged to see.

The series takes us deep into private terrain, into a world of near-obsessive collections, hobbies, archives, achievements, and attentions to detail. Her images register a desire for perfection and control in a world that seems to have slipped into chaos, destined for political and environmental ruin.




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