27 March 2018 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



"When I take a glance at our selves I hold my breath and see us expand in colours and clouds bursting from a mouth. Are they yours or mine?" - Maria Barnas



Viviane Sassen is one of those artists, that can not be defined as a photographer as it is. The artist tells us an abstract story trat triggers our emotions by using her camera as a start. The pictures are a visual journey. 

Roxanne II shows us pages of that visual journey, showing Roxanne as the muse of Viviane Sassen. The book is a dynamic gallery of poses and moods. The images are equally about the performances in front of and behind the camera: Sassen's presense is percieved through her shadow and made tangibly by scraps of paper that bear the imprint of her preast. This is a mutual portrait. an exchange isn which  the artist's and model's individualities blur, leavind traces on each other. 




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