03 October 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam



These last couple of weeks I have been running around non-stop trying to use every minute of my day to the fullest. This is off course not a winning strategy and seems to cause a friendly chaos everywhere I go. Funny thing is that it is best reflected in the place I spend way too little time; my home.

Clothes and papers are piling up everywhere unfortunately combined with rather less innocent items like half full bottles of wine, unfinished plates of food and ashtrays that are all over the place. This is not completely new to me and I therefor have come to accept my messy chaos quite well but I sometimes wonder how much peace a quiet surrounding could give me.

One of my future goals used to be growing old on a big farm some were in Texas, for most because the nature and simple life must be so relaxing. Far out somewhere in the desert where I can finally read all the books I never even opened. No distractions from the world but my own universe where I can pull back and disappear.

Well lucky girl as I am there is quite the perfect place for these future plans on the market right now.

Tom Ford is selling his ranch in Santa Fe for the humble amount of 75 million. For a little piece of heaven I unfortunately am afraid this is not overpriced at all. The renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando has designed the ranch. Tadao has a magic feeling for space and surroundings. His buildings are always strongly influenced by their natural surroundings but by using grand gestures like his high concrete walls they become almost like temples, temples for humans to return to their nature.

The Cerro Pelon ranch exists of 20,000-acre of rough nature. Sante Fe is known for its beauty, which makes sense because it is next to the Rocky Mountains. Somewhere in the middle of this enormous property is the ranch located. With its straight lines and gigantic shape yet so beautifully clean layout it is right what I am looking for.

A house so wonderfully well balanced that I believe every human living in it must benefit from such a place. Unfortunately I will have to start dating some filthy rich men to turn this dream into reality. For now I will keep dreaming about places like these or use Tadao his esthetic to improve my own surroundings.

Happy Mondays!


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