26 September 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam



The roaring twenties stood for freedom as it reflects in fashion. Women were liberated from their tight and uncomfortable corsets and finally wore clothes that they were able to move in. One of my favorites from that time is the lounge pajama. The pajama like pieces, were suddenly appropriate to wear outside of the bedroom and why not. Most of us will agree that pajamas are the most comfortable items to wear next to a tracksuit maybe. For me dressing well means feeling good in your clothes and that is also determined by the comfort of it. That’s why I love the trend that is still going strong and should only get bigger. Pajamas that are simple, easy and chic for any occasion. Even now during fashion week brands like Malene Birger and Ports 1961 give us new pieces that show us the beauty of comfort. Let’s all walk around in pajamas all day!



Kardashian sisters


 Malene Birger Spring 2017


 Greta Garbo 1929


Gemma Ward

 Adam Lippes Spring 2017

  Marks & Spencer

  Ports 1961 Spring 2017

 Greta Garbo


Clémence Poésy


Brock Spring 2017

Vogue Italia 1971

 British Vogue 1981



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