10 November 2016 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort



How to photograph yourself naked? Using a 10 second self-timer and her own strength, Polly Penrose’s images detail a beautiful relationship between her nude body and abandoned spaces. Logging onto real estate websites to scout out the most interesting, abandoned locations, and using her nude body as a self-described prop, her work is strong yet serene as she drapes over and between lounge chairs, under staircases or fitted between two walls.

When Polly began taking photos ten years ago her own self-doubt almost got the better of her. She always wanted to take photographs but she never did. She just thought she needed to know how to use a camera, so she started photographing herself for practice. Whatever she could find, she would shoot. Polly explores her changing body as it ages with her on-going series “A body of work”.







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