25 July 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam



Polly Nor is a young London based artist who serves us girl power nowadays. She illustrates girls who are just as dirty as they are cute with the use of soft colors she creates rather disturbing images of common girl situations. Some of her work is more symbolic but always with a goof dose of satire. Personally I like the honesty and roughness within her work. Especially on a slow Monday after a rough weekend I can relate to many of them.

Where women often still get displayed as standard sex symbols I like it that Nor draws her girls a bit gritty and messy as we are. With sex being a big subject she makes her drawings a bit uncomfortable to look at. Which says enough about our weird clean esthetics towards sex. It reminds me a lot of the HBO series GIRLS which is some times also almost painful to look at. It is this brutal honest image of women that makes us cringe of recognition. It says a lot about how women are still so busy trying to be flawless where we should be proud of our dirty minds

Nor calls herself an Internet junkie and draws a lot of inspiration from what she sees online for example online breakups or bad selfies.

After a weekend of bad decisions and dirty laundry pilling up in my room I love to giggle away at these images. I can only hope that they will have the same effect on you today!


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