07 January 2017 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


You can call it an obsession, I call it a hobby. I'm very much into knowing a lot of useless information about celebrities, I keep myself up to date via online channels . It's not that I remember their birthdays  or like I'm a groupie. I just love to read some 'bad' stuff to relax (sorry I'm horrible).

The Olsens, Mary-Kate and Ashley are celeb designers that I love, I love them for the role of Michele they played in 'Fullhouse' (favorite nineties series) but I adore them as designers of their label 'The Row'. As they have been in the spotlights for some years, I can understand that they are really private. But when a picture shows with a juicy story, I just can't help myself! It's not that much about the lives their life, it's more about the way they dress. It inspires me as much as I surprises me, I dream away and think of dressing up myself or even owning my own successful luxury brand.










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