11 September 2018 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


It's been a while, but it's the time of the year again. My favorite fashion month SEPTEMBER. Layering my clothing, starting to wear knitwear again. Luckily the weather allows it to combine knitwear with sandals or slippers, big love for the transfer month into winter. Of course also a favorite because of all the fashion trends that will be presented during this month, starting off in New York. Here a few of my favorites.




For new colors and material use I would like to refer to Sander Lak' Sies Marjan. Since his debut at fashion week, I'm always looking forward to this collection presentation each and every time. The textures used, were like life itself as it goes on, more varied—painted leathers, washed cottons, and croc-mimicking plastics were all pieced in. Models were actually family friends and favorite models inclusing his mom Marjan, which gave the clothing extra coolness. 


This is Wes Gordon first collection for Carolina Herrera, he worked by her side for a year and a half, to get to know the brand and the organisation. The collection Wes presents now by himself feels cheerfull and happy. These gorgeous statement pieces in sunny yellow and back, made in beautiful shiny fabrics took my breath away and I can jump to the conclusion the off shoulder silhouette is here to stay.



If only I could afford a piece of the Row's new collection, this beautiful timeless pieces made in the best fabrics that will lest a lifetime. The tailloring of this collection blows me away totally. A collection to grow old in, these garments will only get better in time, just a joy to even look at. The extreme volume play that is managed gracefully, I just can't get enough of this elegance.



Pastel suits, and slim khakis worked so seamlessly across genders. This Tibi presentation is all about menswear and specially about the suit. Tibi opens a door to the future, showing their collection not only on female models but also using men as models. Resulting in a genderless collection which I really love.



The brand Escada is celebrating their 40 years existance this year. Though the last couple of years Escade kept quiet and presenting the new collection only via their showroom appointments, Escada is BACK! The debute is festive and celebrates what this brands stands for; shoulder pads, brass buttons, and vibrant colors. With a hint of iconic films, Working Girl and Pretty Woman, from 1988 and 1990.


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