17 June 2016 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


Fashion alert, men alert, new stuff alert, what to wear alert. In my opinion men's fashion is complicated, but not less fun. Unfortunatly, in the Netherlands the're not many men dressing well, or putting enough time and effort into their clothes or style. A pair of jeans and a comfy tee usually seal the deal. But not for me! There's plenty of inspiration and many labels to wear. Every half year a fashion week takes place where the big boys, show their newest collections. A place for men to find endless inspiration how to dress upcomming season. Make it work, my men!!


Pringle of Scotland, brought a beautiful  collection designed by Massimo Nicosia, a conversation between Britain and Florence. 80's English style, that make you think of the Smiths and Morrissey. Beautiful knits of cotton and Shetland wool combined with some Florence architecture.


JW Anderson brought a fun, goofy collection, with some out of proportion silhouettes. Inspired by Le Petite Reinee also known as the little prince. Handsome tailoring and some crowns, that I quite like!


Raf Simons used Robert Mapplethorpe pictures to create beautiful outfits, the photographic prints work well with the seductive leather pieces Raf designed. I must say, this is the best collection of the Mens fashion week ss17 so far!

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