11 October 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam



After all the beauty and wonder of Fashion week I can sometimes find it tricky to pick my highlights of the season. But not this time around, it feels like the fashion world is receiving a new wind and energy from a younger generation. It is delightful that more young brands a bringing us such strong brands packed with attitude.

This is exactly what Marques Almeida gave us with their collection in London. It felt like the perfect wardrobe of a quirky girl that mixes her vintage items with big shirts from her boyfriend. A girl that is not afraid to stand out but has a certain need for comfort. These fantastic jumpsuits that look like pieces Grace Jones could wear or underwear that Courtney Love would be jealous of. As always Marques Almeida knows how to play with these older influences from the 90’s and beyond but turn it into a modern day punk lady.


“Fashion is about attitude, not hem lines”


This is the fitting slogan from the young brand. Paulo Almeida and Marta Marques founded their brand in 2011 after they graduated from their MA at Central Saint Martins. Both Portuguese they got along really well during their studies. Although both are very different they agree on the essence of their brand. They want their clothes to be realistic. Which means that while they are operating in the high segment of the fashion industry they are aware that they have a young customer and therefor try to keep their prices as low as possible. It also contains that the wear ability and therefor the balance of their pieces is always an important topic when they are designing.

After winning the LVHM price in 2015, which still is the most influential fashion award at the moment, Paulo and Martha were able to really invest in their brand. They used to be mostly rewarded for their use of denim. Raw cutoff and shredded denim pieces that are now iconic for the brand. But as the brand is growing it is great to see how they are discovering new fabrics and styles.

This metallic fabrics are so slick and the proportions of the clothing are getting more oversized. It all oozes cool especially when you look at the fantastic shoes that are practical yet extremely funky. Well-constructed shoes that could be worn to any occasion but will always demand attention to your feet.

It is save to say that Marques Almeida is here to stay.


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