16 January 2016 // Mathieu Jonker //Rotterdam



I've seen great things in the new menswear collections for fall/winter 2016. There is a certain ease and comfort, which I'm rather into. The Marni show included some very clever details on garments which are not to be missed! I will portray my favourite looks with a catwalk picture and a detail shot below.

First look is a striped coat with a matching shirt. The coat is very well made but I particularly like the shirt because it has a slightly skewed button closure. The second look (with and without coat) features a more complex pinstripe jacket. The jacket looks like it's turned inside out, and for me it works as a perfect layer to wear underneath a coat. It's slick but not uptight.

Last two looks are all about that ease I earlier mentioned. The colours are bright but still easy on the eye. Very loose trousers that would fit any type of leg and these odd shirts; creased neckline and closure on the back, loose asymmetrical vest with overlapping skewed closure. The blue creased shirt has a hospital reference but I'm glad to spot a hint of white/blue stripes underneath. Eager for more? Watch the recorded version of the show online at marni.com.



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